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There is a growing need to build holistic understanding from the journey of startups’ development along with the service ecosystems that support this journey by connecting experience based and globally recognized methods, tools and knowledge from the different stages in a systematic manner. Our startup entrepreneurship training curriculum is targeted at new entrepreneurs, startups, educators and startup ecosystem support organization personnel.

Mind Tunez's startup entrepreneurship education curriculum takes a deep dive to discover the startup world through the startup development phases framework.

With this holistic approach, Mind Tunez focuses on building a 360 degree understanding about startups and entrepreneurship journey through various perspectives and connects all relevant and familiar startup related topics with links to keywords, resources and tools for further self learning and to turn theory into action.

The training is to increase the volume of entrepreneurship and likelihood of startup success. It focuses on the acquisition of knowledge about the startups’ development journey to remove or reduce the highest “universal risks”, as well as to educate about optimal methods and structures for startups that are both strong and flexible to sustain failures at various levels. Most importantly, the goal is to provide reasoning and to connect with other sources and data that support the knowledge and views provided.

If You Want to

  • Build your Own Ideas
  • Work always on interesting stuffs going on
  • Learn some tips and tricks in the analysis of business situations, and in the synthesis of action plans;
  • Network with other people
  • Improve and grow personally and professionally
  • Acquire knowledge germane to entrepreneurship;
  • Identify and stimulate entrepreneurial drive, talent and skills;
  • Undo the risk-adverse bias of many analytical techniques;
  • Develop empathy and support for all unique aspects of entrepreneurship;
  • Devise attitudes towards change;
  • Encourage new start-ups and other entrepreneurial ventures

In summation, Startup Weekend is an event to bring two types of people together: people who have ideas, and people who can execute those ideas. They work together to build a business over a 54-hour period, with enough research and hard work done to hit the ground running with the business when they’re ready.
Attending a Startup Weekend is the best thing you can do to start your entrepreneurial journey.

Below is a list of five reasons you should go:

                      The right type of people

When you attend a Startup Weekend you quickly realize that the sort of people that are willing to give up their weekend to try and do something entrepreneurial are exactly the sort of people you need to be around if you are hoping to start and run a business.

On top of getting some great business contacts and connections, you learn so much from mentors who have done this before.

Part of a community

Starting a business is tough, especially if you are doing it alone. When you attend a Startup Weekend you quickly realize that there is a community of people out there who are going through the exact same trials and tribulations as you. 

One of the best aspects of a Startup Weekend is that the organizers typically get an awesome lineup of mentors and advisors with various specialties such as finance, marketing, business development, presentation design, legal, etc. The attending mentors are always an extremely helpful and generally a well connected bunch, so you can get a lot of insight from them there, and often even have the ability keep in touch with them after the event.

A kick in the ass

You’ll leave from our workshop full of enthusiasm and creative energy. I think it’s probably because you manage to do so much and meet so many people in just two days that you realize you can really achieve a lot if you just put your mind to it. Furthermore, being surrounded by people who want nothing more than to help you succeed does a really good job of eliminating any excuses you may have, or any negativity that the outside world might have about entrepreneurship.

However there is a flip side to all this. Along with the kick in the ass that comes with Startup Weekend, there will always be the inevitable post-SW blues. Once the dust has settled, and Monday has rolled back around people return to their normal daily work routine and realize how damn boring it is!

So, how many more reasons do you need?


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Introduction & pitch training Technology transfer
Project screening Financing
Building a strong team Product development & go to market strategy
Market analysis & value proposition Financial planning
IP protection & legal advice Presenting business ideas
Project presentation Boot Camp