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Why do smart people fail? Why do technically brilliant individuals have trouble managing others and collaborating on a team?

It is not because they lack intelligence or technical skills. Far from it. What they lack is a critical level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the ability to manage their own emotions and others’ when they are under pressure.

Whether you are a formal manager or want to increase your individual performance (or both), this program will teach you the foundational principles and brain science of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Focusing on managing your emotions under pressure, this program will enable you to increase your personal leadership by learning how to manage your emotional brain in your most difficult moments. This will allow you to influence and engage others, and connect with them in a more meaningful way.

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If You Want to

  • Anyone who wants to maximize their performance, as well as personal and business success, by increasing emotion management and self-understanding through EI skills.
  • Assess and understand current Emotional Intelligence level.
  • Understand technique for being highly positive and energetic.
  • Understand how emotions can influence thoughts, goals, relationships, decision making ability, etc.
  • Undertsand importance of high expectations and pressure and how to go through it.
  • Understand how to be emotionally strong person, who can handle emotions.
  • Understand how to be a responsible person, who do not beleive in blame/complain.

Learn the brain science of emotions that drives your behavior under pressure

Increase your awareness of the situations that put you at risk of having your emotions lead to unskillful behavior and poor decisions

Learn practical strategies to help you respond more skillfully as pressure, tension and complexity increase

Identify patterns, triggers and emotional habits that either drive or derail your performance

Learn to suspend judgment – become ‘more curious and less certain’ – to effectively engage and influence others

Sessions you will explore


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Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Let Go Negative Emotions

Know your emotions

Your level of EQ is firm, but not rigid

Manage your emotions

Stay Proactive, Not Reactive

Emotionally Intelligent Stress Management and Resilience

Stay Cool
Dealing with interruptions Why Leaders Should Develop their Emotional Intelligence